This little baby boy holds such a special place in my heart. I met Jack one day while visiting my friend, Shannon. Shannon is Jack’s caregiver and had mentioned that she referred his mommy to me to get his newborn photos done. During our visit I just fell in love with him, he is the sweetest, happiest little baby and after awhile you don’t even notice that he looks a little different. Jack has Crouzon Syndrome and was scheduled for his first surgery on October 10th. Knowing this, and knowing that after his surgery he will not look the same, I just had to make sure that his family had some great images to document him just the way he was when they first met him. So Shannon and I plotted to surprise his mommy with the images the day before he was scheduled for surgery. I showed up while he was at Shannon’s and spent some time with baby Jack, then on October 19th, I presented her with the images…and it was awesome.

This is why I do what I do, this is it. I do this because I love that I can provide families with evidence of moments past, memories that will exist forever even when the moment is gone. Jack will never look the same again, but years down the road he and his family will be able to look back at these images to see and remember where he came from, his strength and his ability to overcome. They can go back and see how perfect and beautiful he was from the very beginning. It was my honor to take these photos for his family.