I have been fortunate to photograph this little guy from the time he was in his mommy’s belly, through the labor and delivery and now his newborn session at just 4 days new. It has been an amazing journey getting to know his parents and big brothers. I love being able to take part in the process of a baby coming into the world, that is what makes my job so amazing. I get to witness life….new life coming into the world and changing the lives of those closest to it. It is beautiful to stand on the sidelines with my camera and watch these events unfold.

Baby Bodhi was very good to me, such a tiny perfect little body that curled and bended perfectly. Aside from the several accidents we had (he was quite possibly the most messy baby I have photographed), the session went beautifully and the images came out quite nice. So here is the man himself, baby Bodhi.

And yes, I realize that I have not posted the birth images yet. That has been a little longer of a process so I wanted to get these up for mom and dad to check out. Birth will be coming soon. I know I’m working out of order and I apologize.