This little man was such a joy to photograph.  When I decided to offer the two free newborn sessions recently I had planned on requiring that all of the babies be under 10 days old.  However, while Nick and I were in a meeting we discovered that a friend of ours and his wife just had a little boy.  He was 4 weeks old, but was delivered 3 weeks premature.  I was very excited to tell them about the promotion I was offering and they accepted.  Of course I prepared to have many awake shots, I didn’t expect much sleeping with a 5 week old baby.  Well, this sleepy little guy definitely proved me wrong!

When his mom and sister arrived he ate and proceeded to drift into a comatose state for the remainder of the session.  2 solid hours of squishy, sleepy cuteness!  I was really amazed.  The session was a total success, I even managed to get big sister to let me snap a few of her and her baby brother.

To top it all off, this was my very first newborn little boy session and I didn’t even get peed on!

So here he is, in all his sleepy, newborn glory…Meet baby M!

Baby M Baby M Baby M

This photo was really special, I was excited to get it.  When M’s daddy was telling me all about his sweet little mannerisms he mentioned that he likes to put his feet together like he is praying.  Sure enough, as soon as I got him wrapped up his feet went together, so I certainly had to grab this shot.

Baby M

She is going to be such a wonderful big sister.  The first little girl I have ever met that would rather play with toy cars and helicopters than girly toys.

Baby M