Breastfeeding education and support is so important on many different levels.  As a mother than “failed” at breastfeeding my first 2 children due to lack of both education and support, I do my best to help new mothers get off to the best start in their breastfeeding journey.  Thankfully, there are thousands of other amazing breastfeeding advocates (lactivists anyone?) that feel the same way I do and are much better than I am at reaching the masses.

August first marked the first day of the 2014 World Breastfeeding week.  To celebrate this occasion the wonderful breastfeeding educators, supporters and mothers are banding together to raise awareness and advocate for new moms.  Studio412 Imagery is supporting this cause by raffling off a FREE breastfeeding mini photo session.  You can enter to win this contest by completing the tasks listed in the raffelcopter widget.

Also, be sure to join us at Nurse On Myrtle Beach event on Thursday August 7th from 1-3 at the Barnes and Nobles in the Market Commons.

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