Welcome Baby Dax!

It amazes me over and over again to see that moment when a man and a woman enter into parenthood. Especially in such an intimate setting as a homebirth, it’s just intoxicating to be in the same room as a brand new life entering the world. Even more amazing is the ability to share these moments with friends and family without sacrificing the intimacy of the setting. This is what has drawn me to birth photography over and blessed me beyond belief by being able to capture these moments that so quickly fade in a haze of hormones, sleepless nights and the many new experiences that come with having a new baby. A few nights ago I was blessed once again by having the immense privilege of photographing the birth of this sweet little squish, Dax. Here are just a few images from that momentous morning when a husband and wife became parents to this perfect little soul.

myrtle beach birth photographer

A very proud daddy caught his new baby boy.

myrtle beach birth photographer

This is the moment, the one that every mother dreams of reliving over and over again.

myrtle beach birth photographer

myrtle beach birth photographer

A brand new family.

myrtle beach birth photographer

Daddy holds Dax for the first time since welcoming him earthside. Just look at how Mama is looking at them both.

myrtle beach birth photographer

A beautiful Birth Day celebration complete with singing, cake and champagne.


  1. Rosemary Pavelek says

    Amazing photos! Always make me smile. I never had this pleasure – I enjoy seeing the special moments of others.
    Dax you are one handsome little squish! Congratulations Mom and Dad!!

  2. Jamie Ellis says

    I love this!!!! Seriously, everything about these pictures is amazing. From the dad “catching” the baby to the champagne toast after the birth. I wish I would have done this.

  3. Carrie M says

    These pictures are so powerful. I wish I would have thought to hire someone to take picots like this of me when I had my little girl. So beautiful.

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