Maternity Session Details


Unscripted maternity sessions are meant to be laid back and comfortable. Sessions generally last 60-90 minutes. I have found that the best time to shoot these sessions is from about 30-36 weeks, but of course they can be done right up until your due date. Just be aware, the closer you get to your due date, the better the chances are of your maternity session turning into a newborn session!

The goal of these maternity sessions is to capture the raw beauty of real life in a meaningful and creative way. There is no stiff posing, no matching outfits, just real life. Maternity sessions are meant to document the story of what your life is like in these months and weeks before your new baby joins you. This means the approach to your session is completely different – if you have seen my birth photography, the approach is very similar. Rather than the same recycled pre-planned poses, we will show your own personal style and personality while creating beautiful artwork of your growing belly and your growing family.


The majority of my maternity sessions are shot in-home, keeping in line with the photojournalistic slant of my approach. This automatically injects the uniqueness of your own personal style as well as documenting your life right now. Plus, isn’t everyone more at ease in their own home?

If your home isn’t an option, then I recommend choosing a location with some kind of special meaning to you and your family. A picnic at your favorite park, the spot at the beach where you went on your first date, a few rounds of mini golf, or a trip to the carnival. The images are always best when there is a story behind the location choice.

Silly, Sexy, or Serious

Being yourself is 100% the best way to get timeless photos. If your family is silly (and maybe a little awkward like me) then your photos should reflect that. If you’re feeling yourself in that beautiful pregnant body, then show some skin! Whatever you decide to do for your session, you’re telling a story, so make sure it’s your story and not just a recreation of someone else’s vision – though finding inspiration through other’s photos is great.


From time to time during the summer months I offer underwater maternity photos. These ethereal images make for some seriously impactful art and you get to cool off in the water! I require a 4 week advance scheduling since they take some effort to arrange. Also, I strongly suggest scheduling your session to take place before 36 weeks since maneuvering in the water can be a bit exhausting while pregnant.

Botanical Bath

Why not have a mini spa day with your maternity session!? Fresh flowers, (dairy free) milk, and some strategically placed fabrics result in these serene photos.

Other Goodies

I have recently added a “Watch Me Grow” option for maternity clients as well. This involves several small sessions to document your progression through pregnancy. These sessions can be scheduled at monthly intervals or each trimester to document your belly growth, cravings, etc. They can also be used to mark milestones in your pregnancy. Things like blessings, baby showers, ultrasound appointments, gender reveals, and any other landmark events that occur during your pregnancy. This is not listed in my regular services as it’s brand new, but if you’d like more information let me know.