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Where would we be without mothers? Well, we wouldn’t BE. Mothers grew us, birthed us, and loved us in a way no other person could. Then some of us were granted the honor of becoming mothers and suddenly we understood so much. Motherhood is beauty and mess, joy and sorrow, fear and courage, it’s pain and comfort – it’s cradling your sleeping child until your arms go numb just so you don’t have to wake them, it’s sitting in a steamy bathroom at 3am to help your baby’s cough, it’s more feelings and emotions than I have the capacity to put into words….Motherhood is everything.

I’m so thankful to my amazing friends and mentors over at Birth Becomes Her for putting together this powerful video of mothers all over the US and around the world becoming mothers. Some for the first time, some for the fourth time. Because if there is one illustration for everything that it means to be a mother – it’s that moment.

Birth Becomes Her Mother's Day 2017 from Monet Nicole on Vimeo.