This is, hands down, my favorite maternity session to date. Not that I haven’t thoroughly loved my other pregger mamas, because I certainly did. There is just something about this family that made me feel….at home. Like I was hanging out with old friends or something. Maybe it was the resemblance they bore to my own family (2 boys and one *unknown* on the way), who knows? I will say one thing, it is impossible to not be consumed by the love that this family has for one another.

From the moment I met Erin, I noticed this amazing energy she has. Seeing her interact with her children is like….well, I don’t have any words. It’s just beautiful. Then I met her husband, Mark, and thought how incredibly fortunate those children are to have these two raising them. They have this wonderfully peaceful and relaxed way about them, the kind of people that make you feel like a better person just for knowing them. As you can tell, I have enjoyed getting to know them very much. After attending and photographing Erin’s Mother Blessing, I was thrilled that they wanted me to photograph some fun outdoor family/maternity photos to prepare for the arrival of baby number 3, whose gender is a mystery 🙂

Since this session Erin has delivered her little baby (you will be seeing some of the photos from that very soon) and I photographed the newborn session 4 days later. So I am a bit behind on my blogging, but work with me – life has been crazy.

I do love these 🙂

Here is one of my favorites.