Giving Thanks {Day 21}

I am thankful for my friend, Karyn. Karyn and I have such an interesting relationship. We met via Facebook over 3 years ago through a mutual friend. We connected over the fact that we are both professional photographers and bonded over our love of the Lord. It was amazing the connection I felt with someone I had never met before. We both became pregnant at the same time, which was so exciting to have someone to go on that journey with. After our children were born she provided an incredible amount of support while I was learning to breastfeed my son, Eli. Even though she lives hundreds of miles away in Texas, she is still the key factor to why I was able to successfully nurse him. We encouraged each other while our businesses grew and evolved, we critiqued each other’s work, it was so amazing to have this completely open, trusting relationship with this woman that i now consider one of my closest friends. We chatted several times about how amazing it would be for her to come photograph the birth of my youngest, Ezra, which was just too impossible to time. I am so thankful to have Karyn’s friendship, love and support even though she lives so far away….I know all I have to do is pick up the phone and she’s right here with me!

myrtle beach birth photographer giving thanks


  1. Karyn Carbone says

    You are a gift to me as well, sweet friend! What a blessing you’ve been to ME along the way ((think photoshop!)) lol! Thank you for this post!! Hugs!

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