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My main area of focus is birth photography, it’s where my heart is. After giving birth to my first son 12 years ago I realized just how much I missed about his birth and the hours before and after. As a mother you are caught up in the experience of bringing your sweet new baby earthside, labor is a journey that you have to be 100% present for and focused on. I relied on my partner to photograph the delivery, but as it turns out, I needed him to tend to me during my labor and delivery so there was much he missed during the birth. For my next 3 children I hired a photographer to document the labor and delivery of my babies and I am so thankful that I did.  My birth photos are among some of my most prized possessions.

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The focus of a birth photographer is not to necessarily capture the nitty gritty of birth, but rather the emotions involved in bringing a baby into the world. I focus on photographing the excitement and anticipation of birth. Dad supporting mom as she labors, holding hands, the look on Mom’s face the first time she hears her baby’s first sweet cry, Daddy’s expression when he first lays eyes on his new little baby, those precious moments after the birth when parents closely examine their new little ones and look in awe at this life they made. Those are the things that you will want to hold on to forever, but tend to fade away in a haze of sleep deprivation and passing time.

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Many concerns that I have heard regarding having a photographer present at a birth involve the privacy and intimacy of the day. I always schedule an in person meeting before labor starts just so we can meet and get to know each other face to face before the big day. My role is not to participate in your birth, I am not going to be posing anyone or giving instructions, but rather sitting back and capturing the day as it unfolds. Having attended as many births as I have I’ve got a great grasp of “what happens next” so I can position myself appropriately to capture everything. Another common concern is modesty. During the pre-birthday meeting we will discuss what you do and don’t want to be photographed. Some families want to see everything while others prefer to keep their images modest and stick to the “waist up” approach. It’s all about what you want from your birth photos.  These are your photos that will tell your story, and images are always kept private until I receive permission to publish them.  So no need to worry about your private moments being shared without permission.

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In addition to being experienced in photographing hospital, birth center and home births I am also a trained labor and postpartum doula, La Leche League leader, and placenta encapsulation specialist so I am able to offer my clients a more rounded and comprehensive list of services during this special time.

If you are interested in having me capture your Birth Story or would like more information please contact me.

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