Baby Isla’s Birth Story

Birth is so amazing. After this sweet baby came earthside her mom’s awesome midwife, Maureen, stood back next to me watching this brand new mommy (for the 3rd time) getting to know her tiny little baby and said exactly what I was thinking at the moment. “I love birth.” It’s the motto of the unashamed birth junky. Birth is beautiful, it’s messy, it’s peaceful, it’s chaotic, birth is everything. This was one of those birth stories that I look back through and can’t believe how beautiful birth is.

I was only there for a short time, but to witness this strong woman and the unwavering support of her amazing husband, I fell in love with birth all over again. Every time I see a woman give birth through the viewfinder of my camera, it transports me right back to when I first held the bodies of my warm, wiggly, wet babies. It also reminds me over and over again how powerful, driven and fierce women are. I mean, birth is big, really, really big, but women are bigger and stronger and more powerful. We go into our births one way, maybe not knowing how strong we really are, but we emerge from the experience with certainty that we will be able to take on anything we face in parenthood because we did it. We brought a beautiful little soul into the world.

Just take a peek at this amazing birth story and you will see, birth is beautiful.